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Physician Salary - Primary Care Vs Specialists

  • Last year was a good one for Primary Care Physicians. Their salary(read compensation) increased more than subspecialists for the first time in the last 5 years.
  • The median salary for Primary Care Physicians for 2010 was 161,000 and the median salary for Sub-Specialists(all sub-specialties put together) was 298,000.
  • For the year 2010, Primary Care Physicians saw an increase in their salary (compensation) of more than 3% compared to subspecialists whose compensation remained the same (No significant increase)
  • Resident decisions on pursuing a Fellowship is partly based on the increase in compensation yearly. The craze for Fellowship Vs. Primary Care also changes in Cycles of 5-7 years. Does this new data mean more number of Residents will opt for Primary Care? Only time will tell...

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