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Medical licensure

  • Most state medical licenses take a few weeks to obtain. However, if you are applying to Texas, California or Florida, be prepared for a long wait (6 months or longer).

General Medical License Questions & Requirements:

  • Exams: In general, to get a state medical license, you must have passed USMLE Steps 1,2,3,CSA and received the ECFMG Certificate.
  • Attempts: Most States require that you pass the Individual USMLE steps within 3 attempts each
  • Time Limit: Most states require that you pass all USMLE steps within a 7 year period.
  • Internship/Residency requirements: Several States require one, two or three years of US Postgraduate training before you can qualify to apply for their State License.
  • Medical Jurisprudence exam: A few States have a written Medical Jurisprudence test that you must pass before they can give their license. For example Texas

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7 Year limit for completion of all 3 USMLE Steps

  • Most state medical licensing boards require that you complete all 3 Steps of USMLE within a 7 year limit (Exceptions exist - contact each state individually).
  • The following states require completion of all 3 USMLE Steps within 6 years: Rhode Island
  • The following states require completion of all 3 USMLE Steps within 10 years: Maryland, Kansas, California
  • The following states DO NOT have any time limit for completion of all 3 USMLE Steps: Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Louisiana, Delaware

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Credentialing is the administrative process for validating the qualifications of licensed professionals and assessing their background and legitimacy. The process is generally an objective evaluation of a subject's current licensure, training or experience, competence, and ability to provide particular services or perform particular procedures.

Personnel credentialing typically is undertaken at commencement of employment (initial application) and at regular intervals thereafter (reappointment). Medical Licensure information

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